Romeo and Juliet's love

The Victorian Area was an age where patriarchal ideologies were the standard and gender roles were strictly in place, the stereotypical women are delicate, and men presented as powerful. An account of a Capulets servant, Sampson, on a Monday morning, is the epitome of the attitude towards gender role, "Tis true: and therefore women, being the weaker/ vessels, are ever thrust to the wall. Therefore, push I will/ Montague's" men from the wall and thrust his maids. Sampson argues that he is more of a man for pushing Montague servants and assaulting women.

I decided to choose was my Oma

My interview subject that I decided to choose was my Oma, Bernice Ruth Neffendorf Dryden. Oma, the German word for grandma, is the nickname I gave her when I was a young boy, so our whole family decided to adopt that name in place of grandma. She was born on October 1, 1934, in Fredericksburg, Texas, and is eighty-four years old. She was the third youngest of twelve, with five sisters, Frieda, Laura, Edna, Vera, and Hulda, and six brothers, Richard, James, Lee, Raymond, Felix, and William.

Essay about Katniss

Gale would be a better boyfriend for Katniss than Peeta. Many people have trouble deciding on weather Gale or Peeta would make a better boyfriend for Katniss. Peeta was the other tribute for district 12, while Gale is Katniss's hunting partner. Katniss is torn between weather to choose Gale or Peeta to be her boyfriend. Gale would be a better boyfriend for Katniss because he can survive on his own in the woods, he is caring because he helped Katniss hunt and showed her how to make snares, finally Gale can hunt and provide for Katniss.